Anything But Standard #3 – Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence APOLOGIES FOR REN’S AUDIO CRUSHING! :p (It was just signal issues at the start of the cast and goes away very quickly)


Episode 3 – Christmas Presence

(It was just signal issues at the start of the cast and goes away very quickly)


MrShy and Renfield give their usual hello and thanks to Magic Madhouse for their continued support. MrShy will then introduce Robin and explain that he is with us this week because for our Christmas special, we decided we wanted to do something for a community member.

Robin was retired from the game until recently and wants to get back into it. His favourite formats are Modern and Commander, so we decided to invite him on to grill us about whatever he may want to know, to hopefully bridge the gaps in his knowledge.

 …but before that!

Section 1 – Your Week in Magic

Renfield played commander roulette, & got a bit disappointed that people had pretty much just bought their typical decks. But has since been tweaking one of the decks he made for it. (In the end his commanders were ghave and timmy)

MrShy has been writing articles! I released two articles this week, one on CKL’s wordpress site, about a Temur Control deck i’m playing in Modern, the other on Magic Madhouse, about Technology in Modern (the game concept). MrShy also got ripped off by a naughty trader…remember to stay vigilant people!

Robin’s week in Magic – Watching lots of videos and fanboying.

Section 2 – Robin Ruthlessly Roasts Us

Okay, want to talk through Twin and where the good/bad matchups lay, how Grixis Twin vs the classic UR Twin match works?

Will we see anything next season that can make the kind of impact that Twin made?

Jhoira as a Commander not being abused, can we make this work in a non competitive way? It seems too easy to abuse, the temptation is strong!

What has happened to Storm as a Modern deck?

Section 3 – Too Many Cocks, Spoil the Set

MrShy is pretty pissed that such a big chunk of the set was leaked. Not only is it crappy because WotC now have to scramble to figure out how it happened, but at the same time they’re likely rearranging how they’re going to spoil the set in the wake of the leak now…no-one needs extra work over the Christmas holidays, boo!

However… Expeditions! Hype

Amongst the leaks of seemingly legitimate cards there’s been a glut of red herrings too. Like the Dryad Arbor expedition for example.

Also, with spoiler season spoiled right in the middle of when I’m doing Christmas shopping it kind of takes the shine off the new cards anyway.


So, did anyone see Endbringer yet?
Untap Endbringer during each other player’s untap step
T: Endbringer deals 1dmg to target creature or player
◇T: Target creature can’t attack or block this turn
◇◇T: Draw a card.


Like…whut? Card seems, in a vacuum at least, to be very powerful. I find it unlikely this won’t see play in Modern (Tron, obviously).

Ren and Shy like the snappy goblin, he seems useful.

Section 4 – Closing

Thanks to the Robin, for chewing the fat with us.

Thanks to Magic Madhouse for their sponsorship and promotion,

Thanks to the viewers for their continued support and for engaging with us on Facebook.


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