Anything But Standard #2 – Wedged Between…

In our second outing on this podcast we tackle: An EDH brew with a Janky Commander. The State of Modern with top 8s from some recent decks. Some truly terrible…


In our second outing on this podcast we tackle: An EDH brew with a Janky Commander.

The State of Modern with top 8s from some recent decks.

Some truly terrible life choices, erm, I mean cards.
Renfield’s temporary inability to remember names.

…and quite a bit more, all in a handy dandy drivetime in rushour length “Anything but Standard”

Guest: Wedge from The Mana Source.

Mr Shy, Renfield and Wedge chew the fat and make sure we are settled in for a good session and that everyone is acquainted with both ourselves and Wedge.

Our week in Magic:
MrShy has been painting.

Wedge has been Wedge, and busy as always.

Renfield was challenged by MrShy, and came up with a rather nifty Underused Commander deck.

This Week’s Brew:
Renfield has brewed something for EDH using an underplayed commander that we don’t see very often.

Pirates, Ghosts and Drowned souls. -1/-1 counters and proliferate (steer clear of Infect) <- Linky Link
Commander: Skeleton Ship U/B Legendary Skeleton

Should have called the deck “Sea’s Claim” rather than “Drowned Souls”
Key interactions & focal points of the deck:-

First thing’s first, Umbral Mantle + Skeleton ship allows me to untap the ship for 3. 2 ifHeartstone is on field or 1 with Training Grounds.

To make the deck work you also need cards that spam -1/-1 counters across the board. Such as Black Sun’s Zenith, Carnifex Demon, Contagion Engine, Harbinger of Night,Midnight Banshee & Soul Snuffers all able to add the counters to everything.

Paradise Mantle makes a lot of this deck work, there’s a lot of combos and synergy that require the ability to tap a creature for mana. and given it’s the only non-green card to do this (let alone the only equipment), it’s a pretty good card.

Leech Bonder + Paradise Mantle – allows you to move counters around as much as you like and as you need them Grim Poppet does too, but from himself. Fate Transfer is a one shot of this ability
Paradise Mantle + Pili-Pala + Training Grounds or Heartstone – All the mana you could need.

Paradise Mantle + Pennim’s Aura or Freed From the Real + King Macar, The Gold Cursed:Cheese on a stick, it’s there to remove stubborn creatures. and can give you as much mana as you have creatures on the board to exile.

Power conduit – Allows you to remove the -1/-1 counters from your creatures and either charge up cards like Trigon of Corruption & Astral Cornucopia or add +1/+1 counters to your artifact creatures to negate the -1/-1 counters on them.

Sudden Spoiling – can act like a board wipe (maybe a Polymorphus rush or polymorphist’s jest)

Stealing your opponent’s creatures postmortem can be really fun too with Grave Betrayal& Necroskitter

Blowfly Infestation & Crumbling Ashes:- Makes sure you can spread the sickness and control the board a bit more.

Conjurer’s Closet :- Allows you to reset some of your creatures with -1/-1 counters on them, and allows you to use ETB abilities and leaves the battlefield abilities a bit more.

Most of the cards with the Ability “Proliferate” are in here. most notable being: Inexorable Tide

…And just to deal with the Hexproof & Shroud creatures Arcane Lighthouse & Glaring Spotlight

Cabal Coffers + Uborg, Tomb of Yawgamoth All the black mana.


Section Two – Modern Musings
MrShy leads discussion on the current state of modern.


Underplayed and sleeper cards are also discussed in this section.

Section Three – Ten Terribad Cards and How to Make the Most of Them.
Renfield to rundown his Top 10 worst cards, 10 being the least bad and 1 being his all-time reekiest of the reekers. Each card to have a minute or so of discussion and Renfield to explain his reasons for hating it and what “cool” things you can do with it. We won’t spoil the list here, but “Fun” was had by all.


Section 4 – Art & Altering
We alluded to this in the pilot, but Renfield and MrShy are both Alterists and art obsessives. Ren to give a few minutes on how he got into art and how that lead him to altering. MrShy will then do the same and Ren will conclude that that was how we came to know Wedge.

We’ll then take a few minutes for Wedge to talk about TMS, the Altered Art Spotlight and how that ties in the Altered Art and Artwork group on Facebook. Give a shoutout to the Admin team and any other shoutouts Wedge wants to make in relation to alters and art and TMS.


After this a quick news flash:
A Cambridge player (here in England) named Kevin Donkers has had a large part of his collection stolen at GP Brussels, including some alters done by one of the artists from our page (Helen Fiddlesticks Beal). There are 12 full art fetchlands, (4 Misty, 4 Delta, 4 Strand) with Helen’s distinct signature on them. UK Players are asked to be vigilant and if they spot these lands anywhere to report the cards as stolen straight away. Some of the stolen cards had been borrowed for the event, so multiple players have been affected.

Images of cards here:

List of everything stolen here:
Section 5 – Closing
Thanks to Wedge for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us,

Thanks to Magic Madhouse for their sponsorship and promotion,

Thanks to the viewers for their feedback from the Pilot and for baring with us while we learn how to do this!



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