CKL Plays – (Modern) “Skred Red”

This week, we take the big red modern list, “Skred Red”, for a spin on the circuit in four different match-ups recorded for CKL Plays.

Let me preface this by saying this list, while quite challenging to pilot effectively, is extremely versatile.  Skred Red has a lot of very specific and focused cards in the 75 that may be quite useful in certain matchups but are seemingly useless in others.  I find myself making awkward sideboarding choices when I have fewer cards that I want to bring in than I want to bring out.  I know for a fact that I made some errors in sideboarding (particularly in match 2, game 2) but had a lot of fun realizing the alternative potential to things that are clearly included to be used against other decks.

In the end, the deck went 4-1 in 5 matches, only three of them recorded, against decks ranging from tier 1 to tier 2.  This deck plays a “fair-er” version of a tron ramp strategy with some more control-like elements in Skred, Bolt, and Volcanic Fallout instant-speed removal and Relic of Progenitus graveyard control.  The payoff is that you get to finish BIG with Batterskull, Stormbreath Dragon, Wurmcoil Engine, or Ugin if things go as planned.  I give credit to Adonis2k for this particular version.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.28.37 PM

Round 1 vs. 8 Rack

Round 2 vs. Slivers

Round 3 vs. Grixis Control

Round 4 vs. CoCo Elves