Commander Legends Wish List

I’m beyond excited for Commander Legends.  This 361-card set features 165 brand new cards and is set to release this November as the first ever draftable Commander product.  Like any good Masters-eque Magic product this one is sure to pack some excellent reprint quality. In fact, we’ve already gotten a little taste of some format staples that will be appearing in the set at the common rarity during last week’s sneak peak event.

Today I’ll count down the top five cards that I’m most hopeful to see in Commander Legends…

5. Dockside Extortionist ($29)

Besides being a staple of Korvold, Fae-Cursed King decks due to his ability to combine for free card draw, Dockside Extortionist can provide red and multicolor decks some incredible utility for a very low rate.  As we’ll discuss in a moment, mana rocks are rather common in the format so it’s awfully likely that your opponents will have some number of artifacts hanging around to provide some ridiculous amount of value for just two mana.

Since Dockside Extortionist has only appeared in the Commander 2019 “Mystic Intellect” Deck (feat. Sevinne, the Chronoclasm), it’s rather difficult to track down.  This would explain the near $30 price tag.  A reprint would do wonders for this red staple.

4. Mystic Remora ($6)

It’s astounding to me that this card has remained under $10 despite only seeing one printing ever.  Now, it is a common, but for a card that only appears in a set from 1995 to be considered a format staple, Mystic Remora could be looking a whole lot worse than $6.  Either way, Commander Legends seems like a fine place to bring this one back with a modern frame and fresh art with foil and full art potential.  Hmmmm….that sounds really awesome.  Boy do I hope I’m right!

3. Chromatic Lantern ($7)

You may notice quite a few mana rocks appearing in this article.  Let’s face it, Commander is more fun when you are able to actually cast your spells.  We’ll talk about the value of Arcane Signet later (hint) but Chromatic Lantern is likely the strongest choice for three-mana rocks when it comes to color fixing specifically and, as a result, appears extremely frequently in Commander decks that feature three to five colors.

2. Smothering Tithe ($14)

Smothering Tithe is an incredibly potent role player that can fill so many diverse roles.  Not only can the card provide the means to ramp or find needed mana colors, it can also provide a ridiculous mass of artifacts to take advantage of with commanders or themes that care about permanent, or more specifically, artifact quantity.  Pair this card with Windfall effects for maximum abuse.

Smothering Tithe so far has only seen a print in Ravnica Allegiance and is currently the second most expensive single in the set (trailing only Breeding Pool).  A reprint in Commander Legends would provide some much needed availability for this white staple and relieve some of the pressure that’s causing this $14 price tag.

1. Arcane Signet ($4.50)

Arcane Signet provides unquestionable value for nearly any deck that plays a non-colorless commander as it is the most efficient two-mana rock around.  Signet is head and shoulders above contemporaries like Fellwar Stone or Star Compass due to the fact that it enters the battlefield untapped and has no limit to its ability to provide a specific color of mana when it is needed.

Due to a rather limited print run (appearing only in Thone of Eldraine Brawl Decks and Ikoria Commander products) and extremely high demand (included in most commander decks), Signet packs a rather steep price tag for a common and deserves a treatment similar to Command Tower or Sol Ring in which it is printed abundantly so that it can be accessed by anyone wishing to play the format.  Commander Legends seems like the perfect place for it.

Other Hopefuls

I think all five of these are rather likely for Commander Legends.  I’d be especially surprised, and frankly pretty disappointed, if Arcane Signet wasn’t included.  Other cards that made my initial list included the cycle including Fierce Guardianship and other “if you control your commander” cards.  Unfortunately, I don’t think those are likely reprints in this set given that they first appeared just this year in Commander 2020.

Other notable cycles include the Kindred cycle (ie. Kindred Summons, Kindred Discovery, etc).  Nearly all of these are playable in tribal-themed decks and could use another print run.

The list goes on…

With such a large card pool to draw from, it’s tough to keep up with the wild demands of all of these components but all in all I think WoTC has done a decent job.  Cards like Mana Vault and Mana Crypt will remain high value mythic includes used to sell masters products and I certainly don’t expect those prices to come back to earth any time soon but the ability to build a reasonable deck without them still exists.  That’s really the beauty of this format.  Because it’s singleton and semi-casual, you don’t really need anything like you do for a Standard or Modern deck.  Sleeve up what you’ve got, what you like, and what you think is cool, and just be prepared to have fun.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.  What are you most hopeful for in Commander Legends?