Modern Meta-Call #151: The WAR Has Changed Us

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Today we introduce “CKL Modern Meta-Call”, a new name to the same great Modern content you’ve come to expect.  Since our focus has changed to Modern in the last…oh…three years, we figured it was time to finally pull the trigger on a name change that better represents what it is that we do.  Boom!  This shouldn’t change much for our current listeners but hopefully will welcome new Modern-interested players that may have not joined in on the conversation previously.

This week, Corey and Darrel dive through the Modern meta-game noting changes from War of the Spark cards.  There are many to talk about.  This set has had a significant impact on the format.  Beyond the discussion of which decks find new tools for their own 75, we’ll chat about what these newcomers mean for other decks that are either made stronger or weaker by because of their presence.

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